Benign Moles Biggleswade

Benign Moles Removal Service Using Non Invasive Cryopen

Benign Mole Removal Service Biggleswade

Benign moles are dark, often raised spots on the skin.

They are the result of skin cells grown in the group, instead of individually.

These skin cells are also known as melanocytes, which are responsible for melanin production.

Although moles can be inherited genetically, some appear at birth or even occur later in life.

Due to hormonal changes, usually pregnancy or puberty, moles may come and go.

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Benign moles are harmless moles, but others may lead to skin cancer.

Some moles may become darker or bigger over time, making people uncomfortable with their skin or appearance.

Due to various cosmetic reasons, people with benign moles prefer to undergo removal treatment.

This way, they can feel more confident and improve self-esteem.

The Benefits of Benign Mole Removal Service Biggleswade

benign moles

Sometimes it is recommended to remove the benign moles for health reasons.

Those moles with mixed pigmentation and irregular borders are considered to be potentially cancerous.

Thus, moles that darken, crust, bleed, and become larger should be examined by a specialist.

If considering a benign removal it can boost one’s confidence and free him or her from health risks, Cryopen Cryosurgical Treatment from LA Lipo is a fast and safe solution.

Through Cryopen Cryosurgical Treatment, patients will be able to remove benign moles and other impurities to have flawless skin in just a matter of seconds.

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Our Cryopen treatment uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate benign moles safely without a hint of pain.

The use of freezing temperature or cryotherapy is fast, safe, and effective, so the removal of any skin imperfections and moles will only take less than a minute.

During the procedure, the Cryopen emits an ultra fine jet of nitrous oxide, allowing our team to work with precision.

The procedure will destroy the tissues by freezing their inter-cellular fluid.

Once the temperature drops, it will deliver a crystallizing effect to the fluid contents of the target cells. Then, it will result in skin lesion destruction as the membrane that surrounds the treated cells is being ruptured and destroyed.

Patients have nothing to worry about their healthy tissue surrounding the targeted area because the procedure will be done accurately.

Cryopen Cryosurgical Treatment from LA Lipo is virtually painless and no anaesthetic or injections required.

Thus, patients can enter and leave the clinic after a few minutes.


benign moles

Benign moles are comprised of clustering skin cells or melanocytes produced by the melanin.

Melanin referred to as color pigmentation that is often evenly distributed in different body parts which are sometimes come in groups to form moles.

Some people may inherit moles while others may develop them later in life like pregnancy or puberty due to hormonal changes.

Some benign moles may also develop because of sun exposure. Click here to see our current promotions!


Most benign moles are harmless. However, some moles can be potentially cancerous.

So, benign mole removal is not only for cosmetic purpose, but also to prevent health risks.

Since benign moles extend down the epidermis, a simple shaving or burning will not remove them completely. Complete excision is necessary to ensure a total removal. Failure to fully remove the mole will result in regrowth.

How To Tell If Cancerous?

Most moles are uniform in color and have a symmetrical shape, but moles with a noticeable change in the feature are potentially cancerous.

What to observe after a mole removal procedure?

Patients can immediately go back to their daily routine after the treatment since there will be no downtime. For procedures like Cryopen Cryosurgical Treatment, scars are not expected to appear.

Is follow-up treatment necessary?

If it is confirmed that all the pathological tissues have disappeared, a follow-up treatment is not necessary.

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